This Application ensures easy process monitoring especially in transportation progress by consolidating all related information on plan/actual and help you detect any delay and improve supply chain process by solving bottle neck.

It also visualizes the tracking status among all related parties on your supply chain such as your customers, partners, vendors, distributors and dealers.

This application automates a company’s recruiting needs by getting volumes of employment applications over the internet. Anywhere on the globe, designated individuals are able to receive process and keep a record of CV’s within a web-based information power house.

It allows a company to easily streamline the different processes involved. The recruiters have different tools to assess candidates who have submitted CV’s and filled out various application forms.

Is a network infrastructure controller application, functioned to monitor the condition and performance of networks and servers within the information technology infrastructure in a simple, affordable and complete way.

Some main features include Auto Discovery, Resource Classification, Mapping to Business Systems, Dashboard, Network Topology & Google Maps, Performance graphs and Multi-graph reports.

Is a digital based solution for company archive and document management. This solution includes rescue operations, maintenance, and storage.

The document management conducted structurely, and equipped with “search” and “preview” feature.

The management process executed through an Internet-based applications that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Is a web-based application built specifically to accommodate the operational needs of business operators likes Content Provider.

Thin application have the ability and flexibility in terms of interconnection. This application include the shortcode management, keyword, charging, content and scheduling.

This application also equipped with a complete, detailed and structured online and realtime reporting system.

Is a desktop-based application designed to simplify and automate and streamline business processes and financial companies

This application refers to a simple daily process. The financial activity data will be processed and displayed in a way that can support the decisions making process more accurate, precise and fast through a user-friendly dashboard.

Is a desktop-based application, built and designed specifically to organize and manage information from certain sources in the form of digital data format.

Be it internet, broadcast television or other internal information database, to then be displayed in a structured, systematic and attractive through various electronic display media simultaneously.

This application is appropriate to be used as a means of corporate communications, media, advertising, tracking and monitoring.